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Advanced Facial Treatments 

Every facial that we offer will come with a full skin assessment and customized Dermalogica products for your skin type.  Advanced Facials customize and target specific needs using non-invasive skin care technology. 

Dermaplane Facial $140

This facial starts with a precleanse, and includes a skin analysist so that you and your esthetician can go over any concerns that you have. She can make recommendations based on your skincare goals.

The products used in this facial are unique to your skin, but you will have a double cleanse, a Swedish neck and facial massage, an exfoliant mask followed by a serum, moisturizer, and SPF.

Chemical Peel $165

Starting with a double cleanse and a multi-vitamin thermal exfoliant followed by either an enzyme or chemical solution that is designed to remove the top layers of skin.  The results vary by person, but it will diminsh the visibility of pores, fine lines, and leaves your face with a young fresh look.  This can only be done every three weeks, but can be increased in the number of layers that can be removed each time. 

Oxygen Dome $125

The Oxygen Dome Facial starts with a double cleanse and while under the Oxygen Dome the mask will be applied. The generator attaches to the dome and infusion gun, then converts natural air into pure oxygen and anions. The delivery method is a misting applicator and mask that is in a hyperbaric chamber shaped like a dome. The anion is to stabilize and introduce free radicals into the skin. Free radicals then grow new cells, rebalance PH. You will be breathing in pure oxygen; improving immunity.

Hydrafacial $150

The Hydrafacial treatment uses three different modalities to provide hydration, exfoliation, cleansing, and extractions. Powerful suction from wet microdermabrasion and hydradermabrasion work to extract impurities and dead skin cells while also infusing a serum specific to your skin type into your pores. Radiofrequency is used to further tighten your skin and support collagen production. This treatment will leave your skin smooth, bright, and hydrated.

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