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What is a TheraLight 360? 

TheraLight 360 is a FULL BODY photobiomodulation bed.  Photobiomodulation is a treatment that stimulates natural cellular healing and regenerative processes. This bed has red and near-infared lights; which is why it only looks like 1/4 lights are on.  

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

It is very safe.  As a matter of fact there are no known adverse effects.  The TheraLight 360 bed is relaxing and has SO many benefits ranging from improvement in fine lines, tissue injury, bone injury, arthritis, sleeping problems, depression, lack of energy, immunity, pain, performance, neurological disorders or injuries, and stress and mood enhancement. 

What are the benefits of Photobiomodulation?

Just take a look at the bottom of this page for a few of the Published Medical Articles that detail the wide variety of things that Photobiomodulation can do for you!   A few of our most common settings are:  Anti-Aging / Longevity, Soft Tissue Repair, Pain, Sleep, Immunity, Bone Injury, Recovery (general, activity) Performance, Detoxification,  Stress & Mood Enhancement, and Energy.

What should I expect? 

You decide which settings you would like to focus on for your health.   You will go into the room, remove your clothes and then pull the top of the bed down so that you are fully surrounded by the lights.  It is big enough that you can turn over in the bed.  Just relax and let the red laser lights and far infared lights get to work making you feel better, relaxed, and destressed. 

How long is a session? 

Each time you use the TheraLight your sessions are between 15-20 minutes.  Most people start to notice results the third time they use the bed.  Twice per week is usually what people do until goals are met, and then they can come once per week if needed. 

What are 2 things unique to Regener8 Yourself?? 

Our Licensed Esthetician assists you in applying a Light Energy Masque prior to your TheraLight630 session.  The mask amplifies its effects under the TheraLight360.   It helps support the skin's energy, smooth skin texture, diminsh the look of line and wrinkles faster that red light energy alone.  It soothes and calms inflammation or redness .

Our Chiropractor Dr. Ali Currie will use her expertise in Acupuncture putting the needles in after you lay in the bed.  You will then not only get the acupuncture benefits, but you those trigger points will experience a double release while being under the TheraLight360.  She have had amazing success with this!

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