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Anti-Aging Properties - Anti-Anging properties enhance cell regeneration and rejuvenation slowing the aging process.


Antibacterial Properties - Potent antibacterial properties to help prevent infectious processes and challenges related to bacteria. 


Antiviral Properties - Extreme antiviral properties to help prevent colds, flu, and other respiratory challenges associated with viruses.


Anti-fungal Properties - Anti-fungal properties to help prevent overgrowth of natural occurring fungi like Candida that is present in the digestive system. 


Excretes Heavy Metals - Whole food minerals, Amino Acids, and Fiber work in unison to detoxify heavy metals and pollutants that entre the body through our diet and the air we breathe. 


Supports Healthy Liver:  Contains important Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals, Amino Acids and Enzymes, which help prevent fatty liver development, toxic build up and other related health challenges. 


Increases Energy:  The combination of all the minerals work synergistic with Vitamins to enhance your natural body energy without the need of stimulants.


Improves Elimination:  Enhances friendly bacteria in the bowels; in turn, improving elimination and preventing fungal overgrowth.


Reduces Stress:  Energy-boosting vitamins and minearls fight stress and fatigue so you can stay active and alert.  Providing you with more energy on a daily basis without a crash.


Supports Healthy Immune System:  High blood pressure is a lack of minerals in the body.


Supports Kidney Health:  Minerals act like electrolytes, which help support optimum kidney function to assist in the elimination of toxins. 

Daily Detox

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