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Choosing a Chiropractor is a very personal decision 

Having a chiropractor that understands your pregnancy and the mechanical changes the body makes is important to your care.

Why choose Chiropractic Care for your pregnancy? 

Pregnancy Requires the Webster Technique

Dr. Chris is Webster trained and has a special interest in helping pregnany mothers.  Webster technique performed by a trained chiropractor is one of the most important treatments you can receive from a chiropractor during pregnancy. The Webster technique focuses on releasing the tension in the sacrotuberous ligament and the round ligaments. The purpose of the round ligament is to hold the uterus in place. As your body is rapidly changing during pregnancy, these ligaments become strained and can tighten just like a muscle. By using the Webster technique, restrictions can be found in the pelvis and the ligaments can be released. This allows for proper balance and alignment of the body.

What age do I start Chiropratic care? 

Parents know their kids best and can decide when it might be helpful to see a chiropractor. Treatment is safe and effective even in infants. Although the adjustment does look very different than that of adults.  If you have concerns about your child being too young, schedule a consultation first where any questions you may have can be answered. An adjustment in infants can help with bowels, colic, and sleep.

Infant Adustment Benefits

Ease of colic symptoms
Boost immune system
Improve sleep patterns
Aid in proper physical development

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