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Why does every session in a HOCATT make you feel sooo good???  

Every session is packed with ALL of these benefits!!


*Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi,         Parasites & Protozoa
*Stimulate the Immune System & Speed Healing
*Clean arteries and Veins,Improving Circulation
*Oxidize Toxins, facilitating their excretion
*Normalize Hormon and Enzyme Production
*Reduce Inflammation
*Reduce Pain, Calm Nerves
*Improve Brain Function & Memory
*Scavenge Free Radicals
*Dissolution of Malignant Tumors
*Inhibits tumor metabolism and cell overgrowth
*Activate the Immune System. 
*Improves the body's oxygen utilization
*Activates the enzyme 2,3-DPG in hemoglobin to release the oxygen (this enzyme is impaired in diabetics
*Improves glycemic control, reduces pancreatic damage.
*Safely increases plasma and tissue H2O2 (without the damage to veins that IV hydrogen peroxide can cause) 
*Increase arterial partial pressure to move oxygeny from the lungs to the blood
*Improves red cell distensibility and dissociation, which allows them to deliver their oxygen load improving circulation for days to weeks at a time
*Reduces or eliminates clumping of red blood cells.
*Oxidizes arterial plaque, unclogging vessels
*Modulates nitric oxide levels (the master hormone that regulates blood vessel dilation)

*Purifies the blood and lymph
*Stimulates the regeneration of organic tissues
*Improves brain function and memory

*Prevents shock
*Potent immunomoduator: Boosts where weak and calms where overactive.
*Activates the antioxidant system
*Reduces excessive histamine secretion
Reverses any allergic factors contributing to low T-cell count
*Effective in alleviating chemotherapy immunosuppression
*Accelerates wound healing
*Prevents radiation damage from UV light


Ozone is known to: 


*Improve the quality of life
*Help eliminate toxins
*Reduce stress, anxiety levels
*Increase quality of sleep
*Improve blood pressure
*Reduce pain
*Enhancement of energy
*Improve short-term memory
*Prevent hair loss
*Reduce eczema-induced itching



*Violent calms fears and anxiety; helps relieve insomnia; it has a sedation effect on the nervous system.
*Indigo has positive effects for the eyes, ears, nose Blue fights infection and inflammation.  It is good for cuts and burns.  It also benefits the throat. 
*Green is for the relief of headaches, ulcers, colds, and fule and heart ailments.
*Yellow enhances mental concentration.  It aids in the relief of indigestion, heartburn, and consitpation.  It affects the liver and intestines.
*Orange is for asthma and bronchitis - the entire respiratory system.
*Red stimulates circulation of blood and flow of adrenaline.  It increases energy.  The blood and reproductive system react to red. 



*Enables the body to work at peak performance while          building endurance and speed.  
*Increased oxygen is the key to reducing the stress your      body is under. 
*An increase in oxygen slows the aging process
*Building an oxygen rich enviornment wards off illness        and disease.
*Enables people who have not been able to exercise at        their desired performance to do so. 
*Reduces Pain
*Increased strength and Increase in energy levels
*Burn up to 30% more calories
*Restores lung function and O2 absorption
*Improves focus and ocular issues
*Reduces Edema in capillary cells
*Improves circulation disorders, especially in the lower        extremities. 
*Reduces Hypertension


*Increases blood flow throughout the entire body. 
*Enhances oxygen delivery at cellular level Flushes      the skin termporarily to a healthy pink color. 
*Stimulates warmth receptors in the skin, inhibits     cold receptors
*Reconstructs functionally closed capillaries
*Decreases blood pressure
*Naturally sedates and calms the central nervous system
*Reduces stress, relaxes the muscles and the mind
*A natural anti-inflammatory compound
*A fat dissolving compound




* Inhibits tumor growth
* Increases the oxygen, nutrient, hormone and enzyme supply to the effected area. 
* White blood cells increase in volume and activity, increasing the body's immune efficiency
* Everything in the body works faster when the body has a high body temperature, including producing more hormones and enzymes
* Elevated Mitochondrial Function
* Decreases muscular contracture and relieves tension and pain
* Hypertherimia increases the metabolism
* Hyperthermia speeds the disposal of lactic acid and facilitates faster recovery after exercise.
* Improves mental clarity. 



* Increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues
* Carpal tunnel Syndrome relief
*Neutralizes blood toxicity and the walls of arteries, capillaries and veins smoothed. 
* Hypertension, osteoporosis, headaches and digestive issues are all improved

*Seven times more effective at detoxifiying heavy metals, and even enviornmental toxins, as opposed to conventional heat or steam saunas.
* Improved symptoms for fibrocystic breast disease, attention deficit dyperactivity disorder, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so much more. 



*Anti-Inflammatory influence on blood flow and lymph transport
*Edema reduction

*Acceleration of regeneration
*Activation of Metabolism trhough termporary cAMP formation



*Enhances performance qualitative and quantitiative
*Prolongs a career (prevention and preservation)
*Produces higher endurance and stamina
*Reduces physical and emotional stress
*Reduces muscle spasms and pain
*Strengthens and rebuilds musculoskeletal system 
*Higher energy production
*Breaks down lactic acid in muscles, excess adrenaline in the muscles
*Protects the skin against the sun's impact and prevents skin cancer
*Enhances great skin tone and helps prevent stretch marks.
*Prevents varicose veins in athletes
*Reduces swelling and inflammation in injuries
*Strengthen joints and muscles



*Improves chronic digestive issues
*Improves impaired liver function
*Improves chronic headaches
*Improves ongoing skin conditions
*Improves stiff, aching joints and muscles
*Improves respiratory difficulties
*Improves allergies
*Improves low energy and fatigue
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