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Pure Life takes a comprehensive approach to every individual and customizes their well-being to their specific needs & goals.

PureLife provides a top-tier experience through out extensive knowledge, advanced technology, and unrivaled care for clients.  We create lasting results for clients of all shapes and sizes, helping them look and feel like the most confident & healthy version of themselves. 
Amber Matthias
Health and Wellbeing Specialist

Having 50 bad eating days a year is ok, it's what you do with the other 315 days!

Weight is a very personal journey.   Having someone to walk with through this journey of creating a healthy gut. We help you develop a process of "remove and replace" certain foods while clearing and calming your body's responses.  During this process the weight loss is a byproduct of the daily choices we start to make.

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We start with a body scan that lets us see the bodies hydration level, bone density, muscle mass, viseral fat, and the metabolic age.  

During this process, we provide the extra tools that you need to help you understand what your body is telling you after you eat.   

Sometimes having someone to walk side by side on a journey with makes the journey a little brighter. 
Choose the path that works for what you need. 
Tanita Body Scan:  $89.00
I would like a scan as a check in for my metabolic health. 
Body Scan and Vitamins:  $285.00
I got this!  I'm ready to start and I like to tackle goals alone.
A body scan and the "Core 4"  vitamins to balance your digestion and gut health.
Liquid Vitamins Only:  $250.00 
I got this!  I'm not interested in the full body scan. 
An all natural source of vitamins that are 100% sourced from sea vegetables to balance your gut and immune system.  (Typically one or two months is enough to get you balanced.)
Vitamins, supplements, or protein powders are in addition to the coaching packages. 
4 Week Health Coaching:  $250.00
I would appreicate a partner to get me started!
We will start with some additional body testings, you will have a journal to help you get started as well as weekly check-ins either by phone or in person.  Body scans Day 1, Day 15, and Day 30.

C-leanse the toxins
R-evitalize your body
E-qualize hormones
A-ccelerate metabolism
T-echnology and testing
E-at real food

6 Week Health Coaching:  $325.00
8 Week Health Coaching:  $450.00
12 Week Health Coaching: $675.00
I'm excited to work with someone to get me well on my way.
Everything above PLUS you will get an additional weekly check-in and a symptom tracking system to help you recognize which foods your body likes or dislikes.
My whole body health is need of some attention. 
Everything from the previous package, with an additional body scan at the end of your 12 weeks.   You can continue on with coaching at 50% off future months for 1 year. 
 a 50% discount on Red Light Therapy sessions. 
I'm committed to a lifestyle change to become healthier! 
Everything in the 6 week pkg, with body scans on day 1, day 15, 6 weeks, and day 60.   A Regener8 Yourself t-shirt at the end of your 2 months. 

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